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With SMPL-C, you gain access to a powerful tool that simplifies the complex and mundane aspects of the CMMC process. SMPL-C will empower you in navigating CMMC regulations, staying up-to-date with requirements, and developing effective remediation plans. Our platform simplifies evidence collection, documentation, and reporting while providing valuable insights to assist with recommending remediation plans, ensuring audit readiness and maximizing the chances of attestation and certification success for your clients.

Our platform acts as YOUR compliance AI assistant, enhancing your productivity, increasing your revenue opportunities and boosting your bottom line.

Together, we will redefine and modernize compliance processes for the cybersecurity industry.

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“The platform amplifies our team’s productivity by automating monotonous CMMC tasks, enabling us to focus on delivering strategic guidance to our clients!”

John N. – Mid-sized Managed Service Provider

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