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Simplify Your Audit Preparation

With the SMPL CMMC ™ L-2 Audit Readiness module, you gain a streamlined evidence collection and validation process, including predictive analytics that significantly increases your chances of certification success. This instills confidence in your submission to your third-party assessor (C3PAO) and the ongoing annual affirmation process.

Throughout your journey, you can access our service provider partner network, which can support you with strategic guidance, remediation requirements, or third-party assessment services.

You’ll need to complete the L-2 Gap Assessment first.

CMMC Level 1 or 2? That is the question.

Fill out the form to find out. Download our flowchart now.

Need help finding a compliance service provider?

SMPL-C can help! Access our exclusive network of the top Security Services Providers in the industry (RPs, MSPs, MSSPs and C3PAOs) to support your planning, remediation or third-party assessor needs.

“SMPL-C’s user interface and step-by-step guidance is akin to how tax software has revolutionized personal tax preparation. SMPL-C led our team through each regulation, generating a SPRS Score and readying us to effectively budget and plan for remediation requirements and audit preparedness.”

Matt K. – Mid-sized Defense Manufacturing Contractor

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